The most basic and arguably the most important piece of tack a horse owner owns.  A top quality all leather made to order halter from PCLW not only fits perfectly but will last for years. 




The Halter

PCLW has a unique approach to making high quality halters for your horse.   Our system uses a simple measuring halter that is placed on your horse or pony and adjusted to accommodate the shape of the animals head.  Numbers on the straps provide the information to which the finished halter is made.

The results; a perfect fit!


PCLW Turn-Out halters are our most basic leather Halter built to endure the elements while providing a level of safety against injury associated with fire not provided with nylon construction halters.  Our Turn-Out Halters are made from top quality American Skirting leather and solid brass or Stainless Steel hardware, then infused with a deep treatment of saddle oil followed by a hand applied finish of Tallow Wax giving the leather the ability to endure years of weather exposure.  Starting at $85.00 Turn-Out are compatible with the PCLW break away system for $25.00.


Anyone who places the safety of their horse first should consider using our unique break away halter.  The  break-away mechanism (Patent Pending) was developed exclusively by PCLW for the equine industry and is fully tested and rated in three ranges of release loads.  This means you can select the most appropriate load rating for your horse based on weight and spirit.  The mechanism eliminates nuisance releases, remains functional in all environmental conditions and it can be reset in the field. This feature is compatible with all PCLW halters for only $25.00.

Horse Racing

Thorough bred tack is specially designed for and is made by hand to the highest standards commensurate  of the spirited members of this elite group.  These halters are suited for general use or to enhance the animals natural features during an auction event.  They are exquisitely finished to traditional standards using full grain Bridle Leather in 1  1/8" width and come complete with professional matching stud chain lead to your specification.


When the spot light is on you, you want to look your best and your partner deserves no less.  PCLW Show halters demonstrate your commitment to excellence by finishing off the collection of tack you have so carefully pulled together. PCLW Show Halters will separate you from your competition.  My Show Halters are designed to meet your needs from the ground up using long lasting materials and finishing processes that ensure the halter looks show ready for years to come.   I work with you to ensure this important piece of tack  fits your horse perfectly by using the PCLW measuring system and is designed to represent your unique style.


Team Halters are designed  and produced economically to the needs of the team with colors and features all the same. This gives the team a unified look on the field and separates your team from the competition as well as saves cost through the economy of a scaled order.

The PCLW team solution allows your members access to high quality tack for a fraction of the cost of owning during their stay with the team.  With an expected life of 20 years the package becomes a revenue stream for the club in later years.  All PCLW team halters are equipped with our safety break away system at no additional cost.

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