I’m Don Earl, owner and sole proprietor of Pacific Custom Leather Works in Oxnard California.  I make high quality custom tack and provide cost effective tack repair for our local equestrian community.


In addition to making and fixing leather things, I also distribute for Big Sioux Saddlery in Sioux Falls South Dakota. Owner Sharon Hamre, is a Master Saddle maker and  has over 30 years experience with making riding tack, driving harnesses and saddles.  Her shop serves the Southern region of South Dakota with a complete line of top quality Western gear which is now also available through PCLW.  Check out the photos that are posted of her products.  Orders can be made directly with Big Sioux Saddlery or through PCLW.   Either way you choose, I will provide complete sales & service support for West Coast customers.  


Why I started PCLW:

Inspiration for PCLW was born from the realization that obtaining quality tack repair in the Ventura County Local is a challenge and that finding a maker of high quality custom tack is even harder.  With that in mind and a keen interest in leather work I set-up shop in Oxnard CA for the purpose of making and repairing riding equipment.   These are exciting times!


Community Activity:

First and primary; I am committed to providing our local community with world class customer service.

I support our local nonprofit California Coastal Horse Rescue organization through PCLW by donating custom halters and lead sets for their horses as well as providing tack repair upon request. And I patronize our local merchants by purchasing materials, supplies and equipment that I use to make my products.  Everyone benefits.

What makes PCLW Different?

I bring 30 years experience in product design and manufacturing to an industry that has, in recent years, fallen to off-shore economics and sub-quality standards.  My goal is to design and make high quality custom leather products at an affordable cost using a combination of turn-of-the-century hand tools, equipment from the Golden Age of harness making and modern day machines.  The unique process produces high quality leather products with an exceptional look and finish.  In addition, I provide world class after the sale service to ensure you are happy with your purchase for years to come. 

I look forward to meeting and working with you in the future

Bus Lic # 256-161-280



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